What folks say ...


"Mike worked for me as a US Forest Service District Ranger for over 4 years.  In that time, I saw a person who listened to and truly cared for the people he served.  One of the great accomplishments I personally witnessed from Mike was his ability to communicate, coordinate, and establish positive working relationships with our local County Commissioner's, no matter which side of the aisle they came from.  Lastly, was Mike's ability to manage taxpayer's dollars - he had a unique and rare talent to take our limited funds and oftentimes double our financial capacity to get things done through the development of partnerships with other Federal, State, and local governments, as well as private entities and non-governmental organizations." -- Bill LeVere, Retired Forest Supervisor



Many years ago Mike Sieg and I served faithfully as members on a US Senate staff as Constituent Service Representatives for United States Senator Robert F. Bennett, Utah. We helped the citizens in the state of Utah resolve concerns that they had with various government agencies. These issues included federal lands, roads, environmental protection, military issues, transportation and a wide variety of other topics within the Federal domain. 

Mike came from the US Forest Service with the intent to build a stronger relationship between his agency and the Senator and his staff. He was extremely successful in his efforts.

The communication, networking and insight that he provided, allowed the US Forest Service to become a top of mind focus for us on the Senate team.

A great business association began between Mike and I that came out of a high mutual respect and admiration for each other's communication gifts and genuine concern for others. We have remained friends and political associates for over 25 years. 

I'm grateful for my time serving with Mike Sieg for Senator Bennett and the citizens of Utah. Mike is a champion for good and has exceptional skills in educating, mentoring and bringing opposing sides together, in making tough decisions that are for the best for the community. 

I trust Mike. I know he will do what is best for Larimer County. I have watched his character over decades and it is in his nature to do so. 

God bless Mike! He's got 100% of my support for Larimer County Commissioner.

Susan Dixon