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Mike Sieg Remarks

Larimer County Republican Commission 1 Debate

Wellington, Colorado

February 9, 2018

Good evening. I am honored to be here and honored by your presence. This is my first debate. The past few days friends have asked “are you ready” or are you “stressing out.” Well, “Yes I am ready, not stressed, should I be?” Would it help if I was? Maybe I am naïve. But this is going to be fun. If not fun for me, maybe entertaining for you?! And besides I am armed with the truth and maybe a KIMBER

The Platform


I have lived in Larimer County for the past 20 years.  I consider myself to be the luckiest guy on the planet.  First, I woke up on the right side of the soil!  Second, I was born in this country and realize that the majority of the people on this planet weren’t so fortunate. Third, I have a wonderful family (two children and four grandchildren). Fourth, I get to live here in northern Colorado!

I grew up in rural western Oregon outside the towns of Independence and Monmouth.  I have 3 brothers and one sister. I attended Oregon State University and received my B.S. degree from the School of Forestry. I worked in the forest products industry; Fort Hill Lumber Company and Boise Cascade Corporation.

In 1977 I moved to Larimer County to attend Colorado State University. I received my Masters of Science degree 1979 from the College of Natural Resources with a degree in Regional Resource Planning (lots of courses, in math, statistics, resource economics, ugh). 

Upon graduation I embarked on an extraordinary career with the US Forest Service. You know, Smokey Bear? He was my boss! I got to live all over the west including assignments in northern California, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah.  In 1998 I had the chance to move back to Larimer County and jumped at it.

In my early days with the Forest Service I fought fire, cruised timber, and ended up working in forest planning. I promoted quickly and was lucky enough to get my dream job of District Ranger on the Salt Lake Ranger District of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Utah. This District, adjacent to Salt Lake City, is one of the most heavily used Forest Service districts in the country.


At my core I am conservative and believe in values of fiscal responsibility, limited government, personal freedom, and personal responsibility.  I have learned that you can only control government by controlling its budget.  If you want to see government priorities, look at where it spends our money. I understand that it is proper to limit the role of government, and know that as our priorities in Larimer County change, our budget priorities must also change.

I have had a couple of successful careers both in the private and government sectors.  I had an extraordinary 33 year career with the US Forest Service and know the challenges of prioritizing, and managing for, competing demands, and providing effective leadership.

I am well suited to address the priorities of managing our land and natural resources, transportation and infrastructure, emergency management and law enforcement priorities.  I have fought wildfires and managed fire suppression efforts. I have overseen the location and construction of roads, trails, and pipelines. I have a solid track record of working with Federal and local law enforcement agencies. I have led large organizations and managed budgets of tens of millions of dollars.

Most importantly, I have learned that leadership is not about a position of power, but rather about serving, valuing, and respecting people; and painting a picture of a future we can all see ourselves in. The key is helping folks connect their performance with their potential.

I look forward to the serving as a member of the Board of County Commissions to help make the hard choices ahead. I look forward to the opportunities that we will soon have to discuss our shared goals and values.


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